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 MyPlace works with "Cool Okinawa",

a local travel agency!!

We can advise you when planning your trips as well as arrange a tour for you.

We offer a wide range of activities such as

diving, snorkeling, bus tours and much more!


For more details about activities,

please click on our Cool Okinawa banner!  

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​MyPlace × Seasir package

▒ The Kerama islands are surrounded by coral reefs and  a breathtakingly beautiful seascape. It is an extremely popular destination among divers.

SEASIR, a long-standing diving company, offers you an unforgettable experience at the Kerama Islands all year round.

They have a wide range of marine activities such as diving tours for both certificated and non-licensed divers, snorkeling and whale watching tours, etc.  

▒ If you plan to join a marine activity such as a diving or snorkeling with SEASIR while staying at MyPlace, you can get a special discount both from Seasir and MyPlace.


  【For Accommodation】 10% off from the standard plan price

  【For Marine activities】 ¥500 off per day from the regular price
     Regular prices for SEASIR

How to book?

  1. Book a marine activity from Seasir's official website.

  2. Go back to MyPlace official website to book a room as "Seasir" promotion plan.

  3. ​Inform us your booking name and mobile numbers/E-mail address you have registered at Seasir.

★★★★★★Terms and conditions★★★★★★★

※If you can't proof your reservation for Seasir by your check-in day, you will be asked to pay our regular rate.

​※Not combinable with any other discount or coupons.

In the event that your marine activity gets cancelled due to bad weather or sea conditions (or a typhoon), you will still benefit from the discounted price. You will be charged the full price if the cancellation is the result of your own circumstances.

​※Any person in the same group not participating in a marine activity won’t be benefitting from this discount.

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