Special offers  スペシャルオファー
When booking through the MyPlace website.

If you book via our website, you will get some special offers for your stay! 

Note: Special offers won't apply to bookings made with other booking sites such as booking.com, agoda, expedia etc. 

Note: Special offers will be applied upon request from our guests. 

 ◈◈◈  Special offers ONLY for bookings made through the MyPlace website ◈◈◈

☑ FREE RENTAL BICYCLE for 5 hours. (Depending on an availability. Rental fee for JPY100 per hour will be                applied if you need it longer than 5 hours.)

☑ FREE ROOM UPGRADE from a dorm bed to a private room if it's available when you check-in after 3 pm. 

     (This offer will be applied only for 1 night. If you wish to use the upgraded room the following nights, the regular rate will apply. Room types available for upgrade are limited.)

☑ FREE RENTAL TOWEL for dormitory bookings. (1 towel for per person per stay.) Towels are already available in private rooms (except for the 6 beds private room).

Job offers / Free accommodation 

★★★Job offers / Free accommodation staff wanted★★★

If you have any visa allow you to work legally in Japan, we are happy to give you an opportunity to work for us in exchange of free accommodation (minimum construct is for 1 month). If we consider you as a hard worker who have an ability to work as a term, we might be able to offer you a long-term job construct in marine leisure / hospitality / sales industry in Okinawa.

For marine lovers. 
"Marine activity × Accommodation" package

▒ If you plan to join a marine activity such as a diving or snorkeling with SEASIR while staying at MyPlace, you can get a special discount both from Seasir and MyPlace.


  【For Accommodation】 10% off from the standard plan price

  【For Marine activities】 ¥500 off per day from the regular price
     Regular prices for SEASIR

How to book?

  1. Book a marine activity from Seasir's official website.   https://www.seasir.com/

  2. Go back to MyPlace official website to book a room as "Seasir" promotion plan.

  3. ​Inform us your booking name and mobile numbers/E-mail address you have registered at Seasir.

★★★★★★Terms and conditions★★★★★★★

※If you can't proof your reservation for Seasir by your check-in day, you will be asked to pay our regular rate.

​※Not combinable with any other discount or coupons.

In the event that your marine activity gets cancelled due to bad weather or sea conditions (or a typhoon), you will still benefit from the discounted price. You will be charged the full price if the cancellation is the result of your own circumstances.

​※Any person in the same group not participating in a marine activity won’t be benefitting from this discount.

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