From the monorail station to MyPlace

Naha Airport

¥300  15 mins

1. Get off the monorail at "Miebashi" station.

15 mins by walk
 Miebashi   Station



2. Go out from the North exit.

3. Once outside, turn left.

5. You will see a Family Mart at the intersection.
      Turn right.

7. Turn left at next intersection, at the footbridge.

9. You will see a 3-floor white building named JEIS
    on your left.

4. Keep walking along the street.

6. Keep walking  along road 58.
    Pass the Tomarin building and keep on walking.

8. Walk along the street, passing the Family Mart
   convenient store.

10. Our reception is on the first floor of this building.

900-0012 沖縄県那覇市泊3-1-8 JEIS ビル
TEL: 080-8569-2887